1988: first release on GIG records under the name of "HYPE". an hommage to new order and pet shop boys. turned out to be a mega flop. GIG (home of FALCO by the way) never release another "hype" record.

1993 i met PATRICK PULSINGER. he just founded the record label "CHEAP RECORDS" together with ERDEM TUNAKAN. soon the first „techno-band“ was born by the name of IO. we released four 12" eps and a full length CD. besides IO i started releasing straight egde, detroit influenced minimal techno stuff under the name POTUZNIK on CHEAP.

after that i released many different kinds of electronic music on many different labels in vienna (MEGO, SABOTAGE, POMELO, UPTIGHT, MORBID etc..) and also some stuff on DISKO B. from munich. my first full lenght CD „amore motore/autobahn“ came out on MEGO, my somehow very prog-rock influenced electro-opus „concorde“ - a double 12“ and full lenght CD, featuring the narration by MAX GOLDT - was released a bit later on CHEAP.

1994 was the year when another project called "MAEUSE" was formed toghether with actor, writer and cartoonist TEX RUBINOWITZ. we tried to bring back "rock n roll" into electronic music and did three "electroclash" albums ten years too soon.

i met HANS PLATZGUMER in the middle of the 90ies and we decided also to do some projec ts together. this was the birth of our "experimental drum&bass-project" CUBE & SPHERE (named after a futon bed). we released an album and many 12" eps on DISKO B. and CHEAP. with Hans i also started worked on some RnB influenced tracks together with QUEEN OF JAPAN singer and FRANZ FERDINAND comrad CATRIONA SHAW.

through Platzgumer i got in touch with CHICKS ON SPEED soon after they invented themselfs. i totaly liked their attidude, the mixture between art and punk and became part of the family. i produced a lot of tracks for themof tracks that i produced for them, some of them together with MEGO man RAMON BAUER.

Chicks on Speed introduced me to ED DMX aka DMX KREW. i was already an avid fan of him and his everything on his label BREAKIN' records. i had those very 80ties influenced tracks lying around that didnt fit on any techno label at that time. when i played those tracks to Ed, GD LUXXE was born. i released the album SUBMISSION and two 12" eps on breakin.

soon after i recieved an offer from detroits INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSMISSIONS to release an album there. label-founder BMG already released a track by pulsinger & tunakan on his label. and also liked my style. soon after getting in touch, the 12" vinyl "THE 20TH DOOR" was released. a full length album called "THE 21ST DOOR" followed in summer 2003. it also featured the very rare collectors item "CORROSION/PAIN" - a limited 7 inch disc with 2 cover versions: This Corrosion (Sisters of Mercy) and Pain & Love (T. Rex)

at about the same time i hooked up with SUCTION RECORDS from canada. i did a track with label-founder JASON AMM that appeared on a suction compilation called SNOW ROBOTS. after this collaboration we agreed to release the GD LUXXE mini album VENDETTA.

i ve been doing tracks and remixes for detroits legendary ERSATZ AUDIO - label too since the mid 90ties. meeting LE CAR in vienna and later ADULT. was like seeing someone for the first time but having the feeling that you know him since ages. album number six, "BETWEEN ZERO AND ETERNITY", has been released in summer 2004 and clearly pointed to a new direction for GD LUXXE. moving away from my electropop songs to a more futuristic kind of simple electronic form of rock.

with the album MAKE, which was released ob TIGERBEAT 6 in autum 2005, i tried tofollow this road that i started with „ZERO“.  thanks to the wonderful piece of software called "Ableton Live" i was able to record most of the MAKE songs with guitar and bass guitar and transform them into something new. MAKE was also released on my own label ANGELIKA KOEHLERMANN for austria, germany and switzerland.

in january 2005 i also had the chance to write the score for a movie called "TEENAGE WASTELAND" for the first time. a very cool experience. sadly the movie-guys decided to keep the movie without music for long parts. so most of the trcaks didnt make it on the big screen..

besides recording my own stuff as GD LUXXE im also working more and more as a producer. i enjoy being involved in the process of editing music which is not created by me. gives me the possibility to see things from a different angle and to learn from the people im working with.

so far i produced records for acts like CHICKS ON SPEED, ELECTRONICAT, TED MINSKY, austrian electropop duo SKIZZE , female singer ZEEBEE, the guys from BUNNY LAKE etc.

something else that i also enjoy doing a lot is contributing my voice to different artists. it started a long time ago when i was doing a remix/coer version with PITA and RAMON BAUER from MEGO for one of my all time heroes WIRE, where i sang a cover of "the drill".

other vocal contributions can be heard on CITIZENs „Xerox, NOIAs side project RAYMOND BARRY, a MARC ALMOND remix 12“ together with ALEK STARK and on some tracks by FRANZ & SHAPE.

in 2006 i joined forces with DIDI BRUCKMAYR, an outstanding vocal performance artist. i wrote some tracks and also sang on some songs for the album „a little warning from the pimps“. the CD came out again on my label ANGELIKA KOEHLERMANN.

at about the same time i did the mixing and engineering for a new album by MEDIENGRUPPE TELEKOMMANDER and new tracks for TUJIKO NORIKO.

in 2007 i started to work with tex rubinowitz, philipp quehenberger and didi kern on the great "MAEUSE" reunion, after 8 years of doing nothing we got together to play some live shows all over europe. i also started collecting material for the next GD LUXXE release.

after rebuilding my studio in a new location, i started to concentrate on "CRAVE", GD LUXXE album number 8. it contains some old unreleased tracks that were recreated using some new gear and some brand new tracks. the album will be out in october 2008. im also working with MAX FREUDENSCHUSS (former member of "SKIZZE") on new material that will be released later in 2008.

august 2008

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